The Science Behind Flotation Therapy

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Flotation Therapy Tank at Float Spa

The best way to clear your mind and experience relief is to schedule a float. We might sound biased, sure, but there’s a lot of science behind flotation therapy and why it’s so good for our bodies. 

What is Flotation Therapy?

Flotation therapy is experiencing complete weightlessness by floating in a dense Epsom salt solution. The buoyancy created by the Epsom salt solution removes the effects of gravity on the body. This will make you feel almost completely weightless, letting every single muscle in your body fully relax. 

Unless you are an astronaut, this is the only situation you will encounter where your body is free from the harmful forces of gravity. The ultra-deep relaxation of floating “resets” the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance, causing you to experience a level of rest and relaxation you haven’t experienced before.

Science Behind Flotation Therapy 

Some scientists believe that most of our brain’s workload is spent reacting to gravity, temperature, light, and sound. This doesn’t even factor in our jobs, bills, or kids. No wonder we’re overstimulated and stressed all the time! Flotation therapy actively combats these distractions.

Flotation therapy is also called sensory deprivation because it relieves our senses and allows for deep relaxation. The tank water is set to the same temperature as your body (around 94 degrees). This provides a seamless experience — where you can’t tell where your body ends and the water begins. Your brain no longer has to worry about adjusting to different temperatures.

The tank is filled with about 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, causing you to effortlessly float and feel like you’re floating on air. It eliminates forces of gravity on your body and provides relief to your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. 

While you’re floating, you have the option to control the light and sound in the tank. After you’ve found your ideal settings, you can fully relax and let go of all your stress. An hour of zero distractions and zero gravity decreases cortisol (a stress hormone) production. In fact, the brain enters into a dream-like state. The only other time your brain enters this theta brain-wave state is when you’re in a deep sleep.

After taking away the effects of gravity, temperature, light, and sound, you experience the deepest relaxation possible. And with each session, your body learns to relax more and more.

Benefits of Floating


Floating lowers stress hormones, replenishes neurotransmitters, and releases endorphins, which induces ultra-deep relaxation that can last for days.


The euphoric float experience provides a boost in energy, which is ideal for when we’re jet lagged, sleep deprived, or drained from a long work week.


Floating is the opposite of stress. It provides an effortless state of calm and relaxation.


You’ll feel intensely awake, yet extremely relaxed and clear-headed.

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